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“a la Web” einzuladen. Mit einer bunten Auswahl wunderschöner PantoffelKino DVDs aus der Heimat. Beim Genuss dieses virtuellen Sehvergnügens wünschen wir Ihnen viel Spass!
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Welcome... to your passport to the wonderful world of PantoffelKino DVDs. Come along with us and enjoy the warmth of the people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with all their colorful traditions and scenic countrysides. And before you know it, you'll feel like dancing in the streets of Tyrol or yodeling up a storm in the Alps. Best of all, you’ll be proud to tell your friends that there’s more than cake and Coo-Coo Clocks in the Black Forest.

We feel that nothing should be standing between you and the warmth and beauty of these fine Europeans any longer, we urge you to utter these words of action:
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